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    Importing problems - won't show preview or import.


      I'm a H.S photo teacher (darkroom and digital).  I have Photoshop and Lightroom.  "Digital" students mostly use Lightroom.  Everyone in class is successful but I have one student who has a problem uploading images off a sd card.  She trys to upload the images from the sd card using a card reader.  They are nef files from a Nikon 3300.  We are using lightroom 4.  They import but say "preview is not available" so she can't see her images.  She can see the images if she opens them in Photoshop.  She views them in Photoshop, choosing the files she likes, goes back to Lightroom, selects the files she wants to import (according to the file number) and they will not open in lightroom.  What are we doing wrong?  Can anyone explain how to fix this?