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    Is there a fix for the lagging issues within inDesign CC (2015)


      I am experiencing lagging issues within inDesign CC (2015), similar to  a lot of people and was wondering if anyone knew of a fix or where the issue stems from.


      Some background - Im running current CC version on new Mac Pro and I'm networked up to a windows server (afp). Since upgrading i have experienced various lagging issues within indesign (slow curser, having to double click, slow drop downs and panel interaction). A couple of my colleagues experience slow performance in photoshop and illustrator too. Now at the same time i run a new iMac at home with my personal copy of CC (not networked) and this runs absolutely fine, no issues at all -

      Does anyone have any details as to whats causing the problems or any fix (other than reverting to CC2014) would be greatly appreciated.