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    I installed the trial verson for 30 days.  I liked it and went ahead and purchased lightroom 6 from amazon.  i removed the trail version and installed the disc i received from amazon.  i am still getting the message that i have 15 days till my trial ends?

    Renee haf Level 1

      I installed the 30 day trial version of Lightroom 6 on my computers.  i liked it so i decided to purchase it from Amazon.  i removed the trail version and used the disc to install the one i purchased from Amazon.  i have been working in it for a week now but it still shows that i have a certain number of days to expiration.  I tried to get help from Adobe chat but Immanuel was unable to help me.  his answer was to uninstall it and reinstalled it again.  i am hesitant to do this as i have already spent hours working in it.  can someone help me?