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    In batch export, ONE .dng exports to much larger filesize than others?

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      I'm on Lightroom 5.6, Camera Raw version 5.6, Yosemite 10.10.5. I just did a batch export of 34 images with a file size limit per image of 200K. Resized images to 1500px on the short side, 72dpi.


      One of the images - ironically, one I hadn't manipulated at all - threw an error - "Could not create a JPEG that met your limit of 200K bytes." All of the others - light ones, dark ones, images that were DNGs and images that were PSDs, color and B&W - were fine. But this one image wouldn't do it.


      When I turned the file limit off, it exported to ~3.5 MB. For a 1500x2250 JPG.


      Its DNG file size is 11.6MB, which is actually on the lower end of the typical file size of all the DNGs in the group. It has very few keywords.


      It's an uncropped image, but then so are the others.


      I even tried opening it in PS and saving the PSD version, then exporting that. same thing.


      Let me reiterate that this is a batch, so export settings are the same across the board. Seems like it's something specific to this image.