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    InDesign CC document open as read only

    coldjtf Level 1

      Here's my situation:


      I manage 5 identical iMacs (in terms of hardware) running latest Yosemite, all opening files across a network to a MacPro running Snow Leopard client.

      Each iMac runs the same version of InDesign, and on one iMac only, InDesign files randomly open as 'read-only'.

      It can happen several times a day with lots of different InDesign files.


      There's no warning that the file is read only, there's no .idlk file showing that the file is open by someone else, it just says (read only) in the title bar.

      The user, when noticing this, has to save as, then copy the file back, overwriting it.


      No other iMac on the network has ever experienced this, it's just this one iMac.

      The only difference between this iMac and the others is that it has a Fusion drive, whereas all the others are 256kSSD.


      I've re-installed InDesign, ran disk utility, repair permissions, ran the hardware test, all is fine.

      All the iMacs connect to the MacPro using the same account on the MacPro.


      I've had dozens of Mac's over the years connecting to this MacPro, in many different versions of InDesign, never had this issue before.


      I'm wondering if it's a hardware issue with this iMac, or whether there's something off with the Fusion drive - can anyone shed any light on this?