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    Moving to various scenes from movie clips as buttons...

      Hello everyone, I have what my be a simple question, but maybe not... When I change the movie's action script to go to a scene with the name of 2 or 3 etc it goes to that scene upon the release of the mouse when clicking on the movieclip. But when I try to link to a scene with a word for the name and not a number, it does nothing upon clicking... I simply copy the name from the scene panel by right clicking on the scene name and hitting rename, and then pasting the name over what is inbetween the quoatations.... Is this a bug with Flash 8? Or I am doing something wrong?

      The code I have for one example movie clip is this... on (release)
      _parent.gotoAndStop("name of scene",1);

      with the "name of scene" replaced with the actual scene name