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    In After Effects, my text is enormous, even at 0.1px

    InterMurph Level 1

      I am trying to add 3d motion-tracked text.  Here is what I did:

      1. Imported 4K footage into Premiere Pro CC 2015
      2. Added it to a 1080p sequence
      3. Right-clicked on the sequence, and selected "Replace with After Effects Composition"
      4. In After Effects CC 2015, clicked on "Track Camera"
      5. After analysis was done, selected three points, and selected "Add Camera & Text"


      The text it added was so enormous that it blocked the entire composition.  I lowered the text size to 0.1px, and this is the result:

      The first few times I tried this, the text was a reasonable size.  I assume that I inadvertently changed some setting that causes this problem, but I can't figure out what it might be.

      Why is my text so enormous, even at 0.1px?