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    Update Adobe After Effects CS6

    RP_Schmidt Level 1

      This is actually two questions.


      Here is some background for the questions.


      I work on a closed network using Adobe Master Collection CS6. None of my CS6 applications have access to the internet.


      On my work system I have dual Quadro K4000 video cards.


      1. I have read many technical posts concerning the addition of new nvidia CUDA cards to the supported cards for After Effects CS6 raytrace GPU acceleration and Premiere Pro CS6 Mercury Engine GPU accleration.

      I know Mr. Kopriva has previously addressed these questions, but I could not find a forum or blog post which stated that new cards had been added for the CS6 Master Collection versions of AE and Premiere Pro.


      As a subscriber to CC, I know that there is a simple checkbox to enable unsupported cards, and that more cards have been added to those versions of AE and Premiere Pro.


      My first question is: were previously unsupported cards (such as the Quadro K4000) added to the CS6 versions of After Effects and Premiere Pro in a software update?


      2. My second question is: Is there a location to download a complete update of CS6 (a patch rollup, so to speak) so that it can be packaged to update all of our current CS6 Master Collection installations?


      Thank you for your time!