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    Can I mask a layer with two paths simultaneously?


      I shot video of two dancers on a cyc that did not fill the frame width.


      I have an extension layer (still from photoshop that extends cyc seamlessly both L and R) above the video layer, and I'm trying to mask this layer when/where the dancers go behind it/past the shot cyc.


      1) Do I have to use one path/pentool mask for both dancers, or can I make a mask for each?


      Currently, it seems that one mask overrides the other no matter what I set it to (add, invert, etc.), sort of like a compound mask in Illustrator that isn't recognizing the cutout/interior path.


      2) Even better—and this is a separate thing entirely—is there any way to just paint the alpha channel of the BG extension IN THE COMP TIMELINE while the BG extension layer is set to 80 percent opacity, without going to the layer to do so and losing the video reference below?