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    Custom DVD Templates


      I want to completely customize the DVD templates that are available - delete the stock templates and only show custom ones. Is there reference information available that details how to make a custom DVD template and to only have those show?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements and what computer operating system is involved.


          Are you referring to customizing the Adobe Movie Menu template in the Movie Menu customization area of the project or building your own Movie Menu from the start and trying to delete all the Adobe Content Download Movie Menu Themes from the computer?


          Essentially one movie menu theme comes complete with the program installation. All the result come incomplete with the program install and must be completed in the project using the Content Download means. The latter ends up in the Program Data route's Online Folder. I have found that you can delete the Online Folder, only to have it regenerated.


          You can create new menus (.psd files) in Photoshop CS or higher using strict Adobe naming of files and folders and place them on the hard drive in the appropriate location.


          I have done a lot of detailed work with Premiere Elements Movie Menus (Disc Menus)...the following is a sampling

          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Inside the Disc Menu Theme Folder/Files

          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Disc Menu Folders/Files Locations


          Please review and consider and then we can discuss what would suit your video project purposes best.

          See if customizing an existing Adobe Movie Movie theme's psd files and inserting them in the Premiere Elements Files and Folders structure on the hard drive might work for you.


          Lots of details. Let us see if we can put the information together for your advantage.



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            acfi66453325 Level 1

            I am using Premiere Elements 13. Your links addressed many of the questions that I had, but there is a lot of information to work through.




            Do you know if Adobe posts the specs for the DVD psd files anywhere?




            Thanks for your great help on this.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              All the specifications and details for those Adobe themes were gathered from my first hand inspection of the existing Adobe files and folder across the Premiere Elements versions. It is the most detailed account of what you are facing in your disc menu creations for Premiere Elements.


              There are no Adobe write ups for Premiere Elements Movie Menu details that I have gone into. Years ago there was a how to (supposedly posted by one of the Adobe designers) which dealt with Premiere Elements 2.0 menu creation. I do not believe it exists any longer. However, those creations were in the days when there was a set of NTSC or PAL menus. Since about Premiere Elements 3, the disc menus are in a PAL format for NTSC and PAL users. Details are all in the blog

              ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Inside the Disc Menu Theme Folder/Files

              Although that blog ends with version 8 details, they are still applicable to later versions. But see the two links in post 1 to orient yourself beyond 8.


              Although lots of details to absorb, once done you will have control. Even an error in the naming of a theme related file/folder inside and outside the Layers Palette of the .psd file can cause the theme to fail within the Movie Menu/Disc Menu section of the program.


              To get started, you might try to go through one of the how tos with the described Adobe existing theme and see how you do.


              I will clarify any step or steps needed along the way if you decide to follow through on Premiere Elements disc menu creation.