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    Inner Join Necessary???

      Its been forever since I've had to do an application and, not surprisingly, am having stupid difficulties. I have 3 tables. I need to output from each of them - all of the info - based on ID.

      this is my query thus far... I am sure I'm missing some key stuff - maybe an Inner Join?? Thanks!!

      <cfquery datasource="aqxdretire" name="allinfo">
      select names.retireid, names.firstname, names.mi, names.lastname, names.fromdate, names.primaryemail, names.secondaryemail, names.matrixafsc, names.careerfld, names.certlvl, services.sandt, services.progmngt, services.contracting, services.engineering, locations.hanscom, locations.la, locations.wp, locations.edwards, locations.eglin, locations.tinker, locations.hill, locations.warner, locations.kirtland, locations.rome, locations.dc
      from names, services, locations
      WHERE names.retireid = services.retireid AND names.retireid = locations.retireid