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    How to download and install a recent purchase of Lightroom


      This has to be the absolutely poorest web site,,, completely without any empathy for their paying customers..  I PAID for my update to version 5, which I previously PAID for some time ago,,, THEN upgraded on the ADOBE site to version 6 ($79),, downloaded online,,, then was completely lost as to how to finalize. The program requested some ambiguouis number, which had absolutely nothing to due with the serial number transmitted via email to me.  Upon MUCH effort to contact them I was directed to their third party Indian office.  Very, VERY frustrating!!!  I would hope that this would have gone like so many other update websites....  BUT, no, ADOBE is strongly pushing for this Creative Cloud subscription, WHICH I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO, as in NEGATIVE, NYET, NADA interest in....  HOW can I successfully install my PAID for update????  Do you get the frustration??