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    Is there a way to switch from Entitle DRM to Adobe DRM?


      I bought a book from entitlebooks.com, who has subsequently went out of business. Adobe supposedly took over the drm for them so people could open their book in ADE, authorize with their Entitle credentials, and the drm would be converted to Adobe. I opened ADE (most recent version, on Windows 10). Then I tried to open my book "Your Screenplay Sucks! 101 Ways to Make it Great" An authorization window popped up with Entitle as the ebook vendor. I put my login credentials for entitlebooks.com and I get this error.



      Activation Server error

      code : E_ADEPT_SIGNIN_CONNECTION_EXCEPTION http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/SigninDirect eReatah



      Digital Editions encountered an error on the activation server.

      The ebook vendor select box is auto set to Entitle and I can not change it or I would have tried changing it to adobe and putting in my AdobeID and PW.

      I followed the last url in the error .. https://www.entitlebooks.com/AdobeAuth .. but the server is not found, obviously with them being out of business. Which means I also have no way of contacting them to resolve this issue. I came here to try and find a solution since Adobe has taken over the DRM for Entitle.

      In the end, i just want to be able to read the book that i purchased.


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