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    Can a step by step instruction be included when sending documents out for signature?




      I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2015.


      This may sound like a stupid question, but I'm desperate.


      I regularly send out contracts that has fillable parts and need to be signed in 2 different sections. Many people came back to me advising they have signed the contract when in fact they haven't because they missed signing one of the pages.


      My question is: Is there a way to point out which pages need to be signed? Like on a printed contract you can put sticky notes on pages that require signatures, can you do something comparable in Echosign?


      I tried putting instructions in the cover email but have had little success - most people just click on the link and do not bother reading my message.


      Has anyone got any idea on how to 'instruct' the signatory on which pages need signing? Does anyone else have similar problem?


      Any help would be much appreciated.


      Thanks, Cindy


      PS: I know that there is a yellow arrow with the word 'Next' on it that is supposed to tell you where to go next, but seems like for many people this is not obvious enough. Also, a lot of people come back to me and said that clicking on 'Next' doesn't take them to the required section, they need to continue scrolling up and down until the arrow points to the side (and no longer pointing up or down) - this seems a bit laborious...