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    Trouble connecting to root folder

      We recently migrated our web page from one hosting site to another, and I cannot seem to get the connection wizard to set up our connection. It runs the tests fine, but then tells me it doesn't have proper permissions.

      I found an adobe app that tests the FTP server settings for contribute, and here's the problem it found:

      Change Permission test: The ChMod test did not run because ChMod is not implemented
      on this FTP server.

      -------------------------------- FTP log from the last operation -------------------------------
      > CWD /www/mm_diagnose
      < 250 CWD command successful.
      > SITE CHMOD 755 rename_test3_parent_.mm
      < 500 'SITE CHMOD 755 rename_test3_parent_.mm': command not understood
      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------

      Cleaning Test File: Error.
      The server is unable to delete a file.
      This operation is important for some Contribute features.
      Some anonymous account users have restricted use of the Delete operation.
      Check with your server administrator to ensure that you are authorized to delete files.
      Due to this failure, the application could not clean up the test folder.
      Please manually delete the folder "mm_diagnose" from the FTP path running this diagnostic test.

      but at the end it says:

      Summary: The server is compatible with Contribute 2.01 using the options selected.

      I can't figure out what the heck is wrong. Any ideas? We're using Contribute 3.11