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    Too late to change bleed and trim?

    geminipl Level 1

      I have my children's book set up in In-Design, and have sent to PDF off to IngramSpark.  But they reject the interior cover because this is what they say:


      Backgrounds and images should extend 0.125 inch (3 mm) past the trim on the outer three edges of the page (not on the bind/gutter side).  The interior does not contain bleed.

      A consultant of mine set up the 8x10 page for me as this:



      This is how I set up my art in my pages.  (it looks pix elated, but it comes out HQ when converted.)




      Ingramspark has a template for the cover, yet it doesn't have one for interior pages.  But the book is intended as 8x10 with perfect spine, paperback.  Is it too late for me to change settings?  Because I don't want to have to start all over formatting all my pages.