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    LR cc catalog update win 10


      Hi, since installing Win 10 Home, LR CC will not update the opening catalog.  I have changed the settings in Preferences and Catalog Settings but nothing sticks and the program boots up with old  catalog, FWIW I have a similar problem with a  USB TV Stick.  Any ideas?



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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Urchin,


          Its happening due to the Permission issue on the folder where the catalog is saved.


          Default Location for Lightroom Catalog is the Pictures folder.

          So you can edit the permission for that folder


          Right Click on the Pictures folder<< Go to Properties<< Click on Security tab

          Click on Edit

          Allow Full Control to all Groups or User names.

          Click on Apply and OK


          Adobe folder.PNG


          Open the Lightroom and it will upgrade your existing old catalog.



          Let us know if it helps.



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            Urchin2 Level 1

            Thanks Mohit, I did some more poking around last night and found that renaming the old Startup Preferences file and rebooting also fixed the problem.



            I have also changed security settings as you recommended so all is well now. 


            Thank You,


            David (Urchin)