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    Paid for Adobe Creative Cloud but had to download the trial version


      I just paid for 1 year in full  the educational version of adobe creative cloud and downloaded it to my laptop. I already had Adobe Creative suite 6 master collection on my laptop and I was not able to open creative cloud applications so I did an uninstall on Adobe Creative suite 6 master collection.  Then I tried to open creative cloud and it insisted that I try the trial version and being in a pinch because I needed it loaded on my laptop to start the new class the next day I downloaded the trial version.  Now I need to know how to install the creative cloud that I have already paid for and to make sure that it is functioning well. I think that the newly loaded creative cloud might have a conflict with the previous Adobe Creative suite 6 master. Is there a phone number that I can get in contact with to talk to tech to answer these questions and help me to get this software working.