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    CEPHtmlEngine slows Computer (Mac) and solution.

    NE-Design Level 1

      Hello Adobe and CC users,

      I saw there are already other posts about the "famous" CEPHtmlEngine, I got a new (2 months old) iMac 27 Retina (with the highest config.) and I noticed that when i launch (for the 1st time) any of the Adobe CC programs (it can be InDesign or Photoshop or another) they very very slow. It seems that something is making the CPU working a lot. After a little time spent in the Mac Task Manager i found that CEPHtmlEngine copy itself two to three times and each copy "calls" the CPU at least 20/50 times. I found a momentary solution by manually closing all CEPHtmlEngine. By doing this all programs work fast and well as usual and there are no errors or problems. You have to close the CEPHtmlEngine and not the CEPHtmlEngine Helper: the helper is just the "son" and if you close it the engine will create another one. Last thing: the CEPHtmlEngine will not appear again until you restart the computer.


      This worked on my computer so I just wrote this to give Adobe (one more) notification of the problem and to give all Mac Users a solution (it could work on Windows too but I cannot try it) that can be helpful until an upgrade will fix this.


      P.S.: I got the CC software and all apps upgraded to latest version.

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