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    How to pass a constant column to cfgridupdate?

      hi there

      for admin purposes, I use cfgrid etc. I have a table which contains categories. Editing those is simple, but adding new ones fails because there is a constant value that needs to be included in the sql insert command.

      more precise:

      column TEXT and FILTER_KEY need to be manipulated within cfgrid. When inserting a new row to the underlying table, there must be a foreign key to fill. This is constant and does not need to show up in the cfgrid.

      However, whatever I try, the sql insert that cfgridupdate generates never includes that foreign key.

      I tried to use varieties of

      name = "FK_DOMAIN_ID"
      display = "no">

      to no avail.

      Any hints on how to achieve this with the grid's own insert construction?