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    Breadcrumbs not showing correct Home Page Name

    Jop Smith Level 1

      RH2015 | WebHelp


      I have a merged WebHelp system with a Breadcrumb placeholder in my master page. This all worked perfectly until I changed the Home Page Name from the default "Home". When I compile the parent and the child projects the breadcrumb still shows "Home" as the Home Page Name instead of the new name. After some investigation, I can see that when I compile the parent project it writes a file called MasterData_xml.js to each of the child projects. It's this file that still contains a reference to "Home":


      gXMLBuffer ="<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>  <!--Automatically generated by RoboHTML. Should be present with merged project.-->  <MasterProject name=\"Online Help - ALB\" url=\"../../\"><Breadcrumbs><item name=\"Home\" url=\"Home.htm\"/></Breadcrumbs></MasterProject>";


      Can anyone tell me how to force this .JS file to update or is it in fact a bug?