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    Dreamweaver CS6 yields a high CPU and Memory usage. Why, and how do I fix it?

    brendanparker Level 1

      Whenever I open Dreamweaver CS6, my computer runs loud, hot, and drains the battery quickly. The memory and CPU shoot up and run non-stop while the program is open. Why is this, and how do I fix it? Is this a loop error? When I open a window in Dreamweaver or pull down a menu, the CPU and memory go back to normal. It's like a process isn't running when the menus are open. Anyway, I like using Dreamweaver, but it's effect on my computer is crippling. This does not happen with any other Adobe product (or any other program) I use. This occurred as soon as I installed the program on a new machine. Therefore, it's not any setting I changed. The PC is also well-equipped, and can run this program, as well as more advanced programs, without problem.


      The machine I'm using is Windows 8.1 (now Windows 10), HP, 8GB RAM, 4th Gen i7 processor, and I can think of no reason why my computer would have trouble with this.


      I'd like to say that I have spent A LOT of time trying to resolve this and have read all the forums you'll find on the first couple pages of a Google search. Referencing easy-to-find threads probably won't help.


      Also, for some reason, the website won't let me contact Adobe directly. If anyone could share Adobe's email or something which might help, please do!


      Thank you,