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    Publisher 10 and 11 Quiz Submit and Clear button are transparent, but on hover then are clickable in Publish (HTML5 and PDF)


      Presenter 10 - (64 bit WIndows 7, 32bit Powerpoint, i7-3930 3.2GHz, 32 GB RAM) I installed the PptImgExporter.dll from a previous post, which solved the the ghosting radio buttons and made the multiple choice text reappear. However, the "Submit" and "Clear" buttons are transparent. The crazy thing is I have the default color on one question slide, and on another I color the Submit button orange. During the Publish, there is a point (~20% guessing on bar length) I can actually see the buttons turn invisible on my powerpoint slide. So Presenter is changing them during the Publish process. The new colored Submit and the default color submit are transparent in the output (HTML5 and PDF).


      I just installed Presenter 11 and have the same problem.