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    How to create a film shot with a long camera move scene?

    trey38647 Level 1

      Here is a question in compositing with AE.


      If we have for example a scene where a camera is inside or outside a moving car, which is animated in Maya - here the camera can be locked to a car window from inside the car or locked onto the car from outside the car.  The car drives for one minute.  If the artist wants to use a matte painting plate as the background for the distance environment, i.e. mountains etc. how exactly can this be achieved when compositing with AE? I mean, most matte paintings are a large HD 1080p or 4K plate so the camera moves/pans can be achieved for the desire shot in the scene, which most of the time has a duration of seconds, before another shot is framed for a new scene and the use of a another matte painting as needed, which is great. However, for a car that drives for one minute, how does one composite this long horizontal matte in AE?


      One solution is to import the long 'one minute' matte image as an image plane in Maya and setup the cameras to capture the matte in the scene's background accordingly, but this may have disadvantages in terms of flexibility/look.


      I am hoping that AE pros and experienced folks can help me get some guidance and potential solutions. Perhaps if you can point me to video or written resources that can directly answer my question, that would be great too!