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      I am looking to have a mac based hot folder set up to simply drop pdfs into and have them print with a few set attributes. Is that possible to do through Illustrator?

      The issue is I need the pdfs to be consistently scaled to fit a letter size paper and have all layers print, taglines that fall on a non print attribute layer need to show up as well.


      Dragging hundreds of pdfs into illustrator to print one at a time is getting ridiculous....

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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional



          First of all, you might have better chances to get an answer in the appropriate forum i.e. Illustrator Scripting Forum.


          However, to be helpful, I would say you have several approaches here. I first thought of Automator but I can'get much of it. Another one is to write some applescript and an attach an action to the hofolder. At last you can think of an Illustrator Script that could take PDF files and print. Eventually you could also consider an Acrobat Pro Script or if you are in a higher workflow envision professional workflow tools such as Enfocus Switch.


          var printPDFs = function() {
            var fo = Folder.selectDialog(), pdfs, pdf, doc, n,
            po = new PrintOptions;
            po.printPreset = "MY LETTER US";
            if ( !fo ) return;
            pdfs = fo.getFiles ( function ( f ) { return /\.pdf$/i.test ( f.name ); } );
            n = pdfs.length;
            while ( n-- ) {
            pdf = pdfs[n];
            doc = app.open ( pdf );
            doc.print ( po );
            doc.close( SaveOptions.DONOTSAVECHANGES );
          var turnEverythingPrintable = function(doc) {
            var lyrs = doc.layers, n = lyrs.length;
            while ( n-- ) {
            lyrs[n].locked = false;
            lyrs[n].printable = true;