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    calling a music video

      I'm creating an enhanced CD which will include 3 music videos. On a PC with Director 7.0, what is the best file format for those video files to use? The MPEG versions I had created by another studio would not run on my computer due to a codec problem so I could not use them in Director. Any suggestions?

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          You can play mpegs in Dirctor with the aid of the "advanced MPEG" 3rd
          party xtra. Mpeg is a good format for mac/windows hybreds that avoids
          windos users having to install quicktime.

          For windows only users AVI video using a codec that's standard with
          windows XP might be best ( The latest hot video compressors may the
          user's to install a specialized add-on codec )

          (Director 7 is mighty old, I think 8.5.1 is the oldest that's fully
          functional in author mode under windows XP)
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            Earthwarrior Level 1
            Thank you for your reply. Are you saying I may have trouble authoring with 7.0 under XP?