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    Specific Batch Help Needed

      I batch 100's of images and have sets of actions I use for different objectives. I'm looking to tie them together to eliminate all manual effort. Some things I do Fireworks makes me do them manually (or I don't know how to do it through batching). If someone is willing to lend extensive help or if I need specific code written to help me I'm willing to pay. Here are my issues:

      1. During my process I paste one image (a copyright image) on top of the image I'm batching. This makes me batch halfway through my process, open all images, manually copy and paste the copyright image on the images I'm working with, re-save, then continue the batching process. Is there a way to paste a separate consistent image on top of another through batching so I don't have to stop and do this manually?

      2. I start with a jpg file and during the process save edited files as png. Currently, I batch the save as command but have to click OK to save the file just you would if you were doing save as with one file. This slows down the batching plus I have to sit here and hit enter every 10 seconds. Can this be automated?

      3. In one process I apply a mask to an image that already has a mask. During batching a box pops up and asks if I want to replace, add or cancel the mask since the image already has a mask. Can this be automated so I don't have to click replace for every image?

      Thanks for your help. If I need to speak with a developer feel free to pass on info and I will contact you or them.