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    How can I get in contact with a service reresentative to cancel my Creative Cloud subscription?

    Eirik O.


      I have followed the discussions in this forum, learning I am not the only one nearly loosing my mind after being looped around in Adobes Electronic customer service nighmare.

      It is absurd how Adobe seeks to boost their Income by making it hardly impossible for Clients to end a Subscription in an easy and professional manner. As mentioned by other subscribers - this is OBVIOUOS for all of us, and it should come as no surprice to Adobe that most of their Clients will be mostly found in the oposite corner of IDIOTS. Anyway it is totally disrespectful to treat cllients this way.

      Despite logging into my personal Adobe account I find no cancellation form, no Customer Service e-mail or phone number and I am directed to THIS FORUM!! to end my personal Subscription!

      Can someone please help me quit my Subscription! Now!