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    Image in a Topic

      I have a image in a topic. Topic --> Insert Image. Next Step, with a map image, select a part of the image, and i want insert other image in this part.

      I can insert other image with a tex box or positioned box, but the problem is that if I have a no-scrolling area, the text box or positioned box dont move with the scroll.

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          I'm interested how you are using an image map to link to a tex box or positioned box. The idea of image maps is that the link links to a topic. Also the fact that you are using text boxes AND non-scrolling areas is I believe the problem. They are not designed to work well together. Unless someone else can think of a solution, you'll have to use one or the other.
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            Hi anbestard,

            If I read your post correctly, you are trying to overlay an image on top of another image. And linking those to topics. No?

            I think the best way to combine images is to do it with image processing software and not try to have HTML code do it on the fly. I would simply create a new image combining the images and then create an image map to divide the active portions of the new image.