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    "Update Web Gallery" gets stuck




      I am trying to write my own web gallery. Currently I am trying to generate the image files into user defined directories.


      ["metadata.folder.value"] = LOC "$$$/DefaultValues/Folder=test",
      ["nonCSS.imageBase"] = function() logger:trace("nonCSS.imageBase=" .. metadata.folder.value ); return metadata.folder.value; end,


      The metadata field is the bound to the UI. When I start a preview of the gallery I see the trace statement with the correct value in the log file from the UI. But Lightroom gets stuck displaying a progress bar top left. The action is named "Update Web Gallery". If I then generate the gallery the grid page gets generated correctly aswell. But no images are exported.


      If I replace the function with a fixed string like "test" it all works perfectly. Is there a solution to this? I really really don't understand what is going wrong.