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    Help, I can't get an Indesign epub multi-state slideshow to work.


      I have followed many very simple videos explaining how to create a multi-state object video. Place images of the same size, align, turn to multi-state object., and then go to overlays>slideshow to add animation effects. I have also done this and added in previous and next state buttons. But when I go to preview it it never works, I just have still images that don't cross fade or change. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!? I have uploaded a video of a simplified version of my problem here: https://youtu.be/odCDaZCFJtI


      My ultimate goal is this. I have created laid out pages with type and image. The images have a hot spot which when clicked takes you to an enlarged version of that image on white to fill the screen with a bit of copy. You can then click previous and next buttons laid over that image to see enlarged versions of all images in that page. I need to be able to remove the buttons and make it so you can 'swipe' through the images or they auto-play themselves. And then, if I have a chapter of 5 pages with 3 images per page, I create a slideshow of 15 images that plays from any of the images clicked on any of the pages, starting with that particular image state, but which then goes on to scroll through all other images.


      I think getting this overlays>slideshow to work for me is the key. Any swift answers would be appreciated.