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    Adobe slowing down  your LR and PS performance

    SBrogaard Level 1

      I lost my credit card! Big trouble. My Netflix-account closed, because it was connected to the card. And when the time was to renew my adobe-subscription -it also failed.  Of course I immediately managed my account with my new credit card, the bille was paid and I thought everything was fine. Until i began getting warnings that I had a problem with my account that needed my attention. Only - there was no problem. new credit card. Check. Balance paid - check.

      Contacted support. Very understanding. we will be back in 7-8 days.


      Nothing happened. 4 days left, before the apps closed  down.


      Contacted support again - same story. 8 days left.


      Wrote to support again - same story once again - 6 days left.


      The first supporter ave me the same answer - wait 6-8 days, or at least 2-3 businessdays. Tried another supporter. She gave me a month free of payment.


      Contacted third supporter because I was wondering my LR and PS was running very slow all the sudden. He told me that was because of the support issue! I didn't believe him. Contacted 4. supporter (note - clim that you want to cancel your subscription - the supporters here are faster) - but he confirmed. If there is something wrong with your account, Adobe simply turns down the power of your beloved photoapps. Making your work ****** and hard and wasting your time.


      This is sheer hell to me right now, meeting endless deadlines - like being on a threwheeled bicycle in a carrace.


      It is clearly a problem not to own your software. To have your business being depending on some bias nott caring multinational company.


      And this is my issue.

      I have cancelled my Adobe subscriptions.