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    Upgrading to CF 9.0.2 from 9.0.1 struggles

    Hedge Level 1

      A little background. Server is with hosting.com and is a VPS running

      CF 9,0,1,274733 on JVM 1.6.0_14


      Long story short I need to get to CF 9.0.2 running JVM 1.7 because of some new SHA-256 upgrades amazon made on their XML feeds etc.


      Is there any way to get to 9.0.2 from 9.0.1 without an uninstall and reinstall?


      Secondly I am considering leaving hosting.com all together because of their slow response times in the last year or so to my issues. Has anyone here tried the Amazon AWS hosting with CF 11? Any pitfalls to be away of? How does it perform? How is their support? any advice here would be great.