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    Memory decreases


      Currently I am using a trial version of Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC on an Imac and I have discovered that the available memory decreases every time I edit some pictures in Lightroom. I have a harddisk of 250 GB and at this rate, my disk will soon be full. Are there preferences that I need to change or is there something that I must delete in order to have more memory available again?  Thanks for your help.

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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi Esen,


          Please follow the link to help you to fine minimum settings to save the hard drive space of your computer. This might affect the performance of Lightroom.

          Optimize performance


          Also, I would suggest you to store your original images on to a external hard drive to save space on your internal hard drive. You may choose to keep the catalog to the external hard drive as well.


          Note : Lightroom does not keep the original files within the catalog.


          Hope this helps



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            esen29 Level 1



            I forgot to mention that I put the pictures and the catalogue are already on an external drive.  I did not had that problem with Lightroom 4. Is it something with Creative Cloud?


            Thank you for your help.



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              esen29 Level 1

              I am working with Yosemite

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                Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

                Please follow the steps below.


                > Open Lightroom.

                > Click on Lightroom > Preferences (In Mac)

                          Edit > Preferences (In Windows)

                > Click on File Handling

                > Change the location of Camera Raw Cache Settings to the external hard drive.

                > Restart Lightroom and check for the issue.


                Hope this helps.