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    How can I make a pencil float?


      I want to make a pencil float in after effects, this is what needs to happen:

      The pencil is lying on it's side on the ground. It starts to shake. The tip floats off the ground and it flips over so it's lying the opposite way.

      Is there anything I can do to remove fishing line or something? Could I tie some string around the pencil and remove it in post production? I have no experience with modeling 3D objects and I need to finish this in a month. I was thinking I could tie some string around the pencil and do the movements myself, and copy part of the pencil to where the string is tied around it so the light moves correctly on the pencil, kinda like the clone tool in Photoshop. I have no idea if this is possible though, and I'm filming tomorrow. Please help!

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can get magician's string and you might not need to do any work in post!


          If you do use fishing wire, AE has CC Simple Wire Removal that should do the trick. Also, make sure you shoot a clean plate without the pencil it it at all.

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            Arivl Level 1

            Pretty much everything Szalam said.  Magician's line, not fishing line, is your friend.   If you do have to remove it in post, I'd recommend attaching the line directly to the pencil tip (via a tiny dot of super glue or gorilla glue) rathe than tying it around the tip.  If you tie it around the tip, you'll be in for a bunch of much more complicated paint work.