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    After effects CC2015 memory issues


      I'm having a memory issue which is crashing AE CC2015. It Kills my renders and force quitting is the only way to move past the error.  It only occurs on intensive work, usually rendering projects with Elements 3D.  Rendering simple projects is fine.


      Any solution for this Adobe?


      I'm on a Mac Pro tower 12core with 64GB ram and Nvidia graphics card with 6GB ram on board. I've allocated 500GB for hard drive cache. Memory can't be the issue.


      I've seen other people with similar issues in versions of AE over the past years but I've never had this until recently, possibly with the  latest CC update.


      Screenshot 2015-09-25 09.13.52.pngScreenshot 2015-09-24 17.04.49.pngScreenshot 2015-09-25 11.33.52.png