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    $100 dollars to whomever can write this script


      Hey guys, I have many PNG images that I need to be different colors. They are designs and we want to offer them in 10 different colors. We have 1000s of images and if each one would have to be done individually, it would take forever. So, I need a script that would do the following...

      1) Allow me to select the folder that contains the PNG images

      2) Import the images into Photoshop with each being on a different layer

      3)Allow me to select Colors for the overlay of the layers

      4)Export each layer with their respective colors into a folder chosen by me.


      For example, the PNG images have been saved and exported through a script in Illustrator from EPS files. The PNG color is black as that is the primary color for our designs. We want to offer other colors, such as white, blue, red…etc. I need the images to be those colors so customers can see what the design will look like. So each file would have to be 10 colors, Design1_Black, Design1_Red…etc. I think this would be a lot easier than trying to do all files individually. Please let me know if its possible. Anyone who can do it I will gladly pay 100 dollars to. Thank you!