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    Adobe Scripting Question


      I have a script that adds the filename and two other user defined fields to the front of an image.  Of the user defined fields,  one is always static, and the other is variable depending on the job in question.


      To change that variable field, I need to open the script in ExtendScript ToolKit and manually change it each time. That is tiresome, and inevitably I forget and then print a job with incorrect information on the front.


      What I would like to do is embed that variable piece of info into the files for a job en masse, say using PhotoMechanic, and then alter the script to pull that field and use it as the variable user defined field instead.


      Can anyone assist me in figuring this out, including where the variable info needs to be embedded in the first place.    While I do have an understanding the basics, I am very much a novice at this.


      I am using Photoshop CC 2015 and ExtendScript 4.5.5 on a Mac running 10.10.5


      Thanks in advance