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    Reactivate a CS3 Dreamweaver licence after upgrade from Windows 7 to 10


      Been happily using Dreamweaver CS3 for several years now.

      However, the PC it's running on has run into grief - and we'he had to upgrade to Windows 10 (from 7)

      As result of the upgrade, Dreamweaver has stopped running...


      It claims to be a licence issue (ie the executable gets as far as saying the licence has died) - rather than a Win10 issue.

      Contacted the (chat) helpdesk - and was told that the product is too old, and can't be reactivated.


      I thought we had a perpetual licence - but it seems that we don't.


      How can I get (a compatible version of) Dreamweaver up and running quickly, without losing any files/settings/configurations?

      I need to get it working quickly because I act as webmaster for a charity, and we need to make a bunch of updates to the website..


      I'm asking here because that was the 'resolution' provided in the support chat.