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    Controlling Annotation Display in WebCharts3D

    Gary1 Level 1
      Is there a way to control the display of ELEMENTS/ANNOTATION in WebCharts3D, when you are charting TWO CFCHARTSERIES items? I've got one CFCHARTSERIES tag for "actual" performance, and another for "goal".

      In the ELEMENTS/ANNOTATION, I have it set to say "On $(colLabel) $(value)% were met". But the problem is, this also displays when you hold the mouse over the goal line, and which tells the user THE GOAL was that day's actual performance.

      I'd like to either have the annotation IGNORED when holding the mouse over any markers on the 2nd (GOAL) line, or change what is displayed when the user holds the mouse over a goal marker, such as "On $(colLabel) the Goal Was $(value)%.

      Are either of these possible, and if so, does anyone know how to implement it? Thanks very much.

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          MikerRoo Level 1
          Delete the annotation text.

          Then add series to the "elements" structure...
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            Gary1 Level 1
            Thanks Miker. Worked like a charm. I'm sure it helps to know a little XML, or maybe more of how XML works with WebCharts3D. If I wanted to know what other things I could control via the <SERIES 0> and <SERIES 1> tags, do you know of a good reference source?

            I do have one last question. Is there anyway to incorporate the changes I just made "manually" in the .XML file, using WebCharts3D and the .WCP file? Reason is, I usually open and work with the .WCP file, then save it as an XML file. If I re-open the WCP files, add more changes, and save it to XML, I'll lose the changes I just manually added.

            Of course, I know now I can manually go in and add these SERIES 0 and 1 tags to get what I need. Would just be nice not to have to do that everytime I make a change, using the .WCP file. I suppose if you're an XML expert, and experienced with WebCharts3D, you probably work directly with the XML file. I'm not yet that skilled with XML.

            Thanks again for your help. It's great when things work, ain't it?

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              MikerRoo Level 1
              If you edit the "XML style" tab in WebCharts Designer (WD) and then hit "apply", your WCP is saved.

              The XML tags are covered, a little, in the help tab.

              To create series in WD:
              1. In the "Elements" section, click next to "Series".
              2. A popup opens, enter 0 in the upper-left input line (has initial focus) and press "add".
              3. Make any changes, to the styles in the right-hand pane.
              4. Repeat for any additional series.
              5. Close the popup dialog.

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                Gary1 Level 1
                Thanks for the reply. I have to convert over 60 charts from CF5 to CF7 format, before we upgrade our production server to CF7. So I'm hoping to be quite familiar with "charting" after this exercise. One thing I'd like to do is add a bar chart that shows both the values and the goals on the same bar. And use labels to indicate values and goals. This makes it easy to see which locations are making goal. We do this with Excel charts today.

                Problem is, you don't have any control over font sizes in CF7 charts, as the WebCharts3D font sizes don't seem to pass through to the CF chart engine (I think you told me that, and from experience). Oh well, hopefully, using some other format, I can get something like this to work. Thanks again for the help.