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    Sign multiple pages at once

    patrickb47948697 Level 1



      I'm trying to sign a pdf on multiple pages at once. All signatures have to be placed at the exact same place on every page.

      Right now I have to place my signature on every page, with saving in between. With document larger then 5 pages, this takes too much time.


      Does anyone know if this is possible?

      I'm using version 10.1.3 from Adobe Acrobat X.

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          sukritd15 Adobe Employee

          Hi ,


          This would be possible by creating a new action however even in this case you would have to scroll down to each page to and manually place signature.But this would not require saving each time you sign a single page.

          You could also go through the following document once.This might help.

          Signature Applied to Multiple Pages (Sign and Send PDFs)



          Sukrit Dhingra

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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            This is a fundamentally wrong this to do. Digital signatures sign the WHOLE DOCUMENT, always, every time. And they have a huge overhead. Trying to sign the document many times will leave you with something that may not work.


            This often arises when trying to carry paper-based signature workflows into digital signatures, not realising that you are signing off on the whole thing, by definition (and by law in some places).


            For heritage and transition reasons it may be necessary to leave a mark on each page. You can do this with a stamp or similar, and only then do a real signature.

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              Tal Yasur Level 1

              this is an odd answer.

              given the fact that the PDF specification allows a single digital signature field with multiple widgets or annotations.

              and given the fact that there are solutions out there that provide the capability of signing multiple pages with a single digital signature object which let the user to benefit from all worlds - from a visual perspective, it looks as if you have a signature on every page, but practically there was only one signing operation, there need to be only one verification task, and the file size didn't grow dramatically.


              it is true that a digital signature covers the entire document, but as someone who sells digital signature solutions for years, I can tell you that it is easier to provide the customer with what he asks for, rather than convince him he is wrong

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                Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                These solutions sound useful. While they might be rivals to Acrobat, probably worth mentioning them.


                I counsel people strongly against multiple signatures otherwise, because each one adds a lot of overhead to PDF processing. This becomes quite noticeable by about 10 signatures, and round about 50 it may become impossible to open the file. It's a slippery slope and some workflows could go easily from 2 to 50, even if it requires manual processing and patience.

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                  אנונימוס Level 1

                  I wonder what do you think of the following file:

                  Dropbox - 4pages.new.pdf

                  it is a 4 page document.

                  looks as if it has 4 digital signatures - one in each page, while actually there is only 1.

                  Adobe Reader opens it with no problems, I just wonder if it violates any of the PDF basic rules, and one day it won't be opened by the new Adobe reader versions

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                    YossiD Level 1

                    Actually, this was possible up to Acrobat Pro 5. Signature fields could be duplicated on multiple pages just like other kinds of fields. Signing any of the fields would sign them all. I don't know if there actually multiple digital signatures in the document, or if the signature just appeared in multiple places.


                    In any event, this was a very useful feature when signatures were required on every page, and I wish that Adobe would put it back.


                    I understand that a digital signature applies to the entire file, but once a document is printed on paper that can't be seen, and only the appearance of a physical signature provides evidence that each page is signed.


                    Applying one digital signature and then using stamps to give the appearance of signatures on additional pages is certainly a workable workaround, but it's also less convenient.

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                      Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                      A small point: it is better to apply the stamps, then sign once, since signing then stamping will invalidate the signature.