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    Bug in Find/Change - any workaround ideas

    UpStyleDesign Level 1

      Using CC2015 on Yosemite.


      There seems to be a bug in Find/Change.

      I have styled text into various Paragraph styles. The trouble is that I also have loads of unwanted tab characters that I need to delete that are always before a carriage return (CR). Getting rid of them seems simple enough as all I need to do is find a tab followed by a CR and replace with a CR. The trouble is that when I do, InDesign changes the Paragraph style of the following paragraph to the same style as the preceding paragraph. Nothing in the Find/Change includes anything in the following paragraph, so why should it end up being affected? I think this is a bug a


      I have tried doing this in GREP and also the TEXT method and the result is the same. As such I cannot replace the unwanted Tabs. Any ideas folks?