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    Duplicate Master Folders - Different Contents - SAME Location


      Hi. I'm on a Mac running Yosemite 10.10.5 and Lightroom CC release 2015.1.1 and I've noticed an issue that has been present for about a year or more. In the FOLDERS column, there are two identical 'LightroomPhotos" folders. Each maps to the same location on my drive, but hovering shows they have different contents (numbers of photos) while drive capacity stats are identical as well.


      Is this a bad thing?

      Should I consolidate?

      How do I do that?


      Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 8.13.50 AM.jpg


      Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 8.14.21 AM.jpg



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          sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi sotied11,


          1. Close Lightroom and in the process take a catalog backup (just in case).

          2. With LR still shut down, rename the drive from PhotosLightroom to something else, e.g. NewPhotosLightroom.

          3. Restart LR, and all  parent folders listed under PhotosLightroom (A and B) should now be 'missing' (and showing the '?' mark) as the two PhotosLightroom drives will be offline.

          4. In which case simply right-click (or the Mac equivalent) on each of the  Parent Folders in it and select 'Find Missing Folder'. In the file/folder browser window which appears simply browse to and select the correct folder on the PhotosLighrtoom drive. This drive should then appear in the Folder Panel.

          5. When you have finished all folders, they should all be listed under the one drive, and you can then right-click on the two now defunct PhotosLightroom drives and select remove.



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            sotied11 Level 1

            Sounds OUTSTANDING. Will try that in a couple minutes and let you know how it goes.





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              sotied11 Level 1

              OK. That didn't work. I also - thinking it would be way easier to consolidate my photos by putting them all in a few BIG folders underneath the main folder/volume, moved them manually and hoped (believed) Lightroom would find all the photos nearby so it wouldn't be an issue.


              Well, I've been at it since 9AM and nothing's going well.


              *The question marks didn't show next to the volumes, just next to the folders UNDER those volumes/folders.


              I'm stymied and figure I'll go back to an earlier version. I'll do this by renaming the drive (again) and then copying over the photo files from a backup I have that has the convoluted structure, but it knows where all my photos are. The only thing I'll lose are some crappy shots from the past few weeks, but I might have those on CF cards and can drag those files over into a main folder.


              As you can see, I have 61,848 photos, but only 542 of them show up in the 'new' Photos_Lightroom folder and the rest are missing even though they are all on the drive. I put them on the base level of the drive. Should I have put them into a sub folder?


              Did I give up too soon? Seven hours is too long to spend on this I think.




              Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 3.27.12 PM.jpg

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                Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

                Hi Sotied,


                > Please make a CTRL + Click on the Folder with Question Mark.

                > Choose Find missing folder

                > Navigate to the folder in the external hard drive with the name as per the image Photos_Lightroom

                > It might ask you to Merge the folder.

                > Click on OK.


                You should be able to find the folder in Photos_Lightroom


                Follow the same steps for all other folders as well.


                Let me know if this helps.




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                  richardplondon Level 4

                  That looks to me like a list of isolated folders - each perhaps representing a quite separate import? - with no hierarchy apparent to relate and link them. And at some stage LR has switched something to do with its records of what volume these various folders occur within. For example, referencing that in a different way (I don't have any experience of MacOS).


                  It would be fairly unusual to make such folders literally in the very top folder of a volume. Usually there'd be some kind of containing folder to organise them within - called "Pictures" or whatever. Maybe further folders above or below as well, e.g. by years or whatever. But any such are not currently appearing in the LR Folders panel. This is typical for independently imported folders when no LINKING folder context is evident.


                  If these folders in fact are located within one containing folder which they all hold in common, then it is sufficient to use the Show Parent Folder command on one of those. This adds that parent folder into the Folders panel, and everything reorganises as needed in order to now illustrate that relationship accurately. This includes everything ELSE which is involved in that same physical relationship (has that same parent folder). This single step may resolve the present glitch. LR needs to display a little more of the actual file system arrangement, and in doing so, should start reflecting things correctly.


                  OTOH if all these import folders truly are located at the top level of the drive concerned, then they will be much easier to manage for the future, if moved into a suitable new containing folder. Making this and doing the moves from inside LR, LR will keep track. Doing it e.g. using Finder, you will then just need to give LR a clue about what has happened - show that new folder, maybe tell LR that one of the import folders is now located inside that. LR will then follow that lead, and automatically locate all the others too. And display them all in their new home.