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    How to maintain focus in input text box?

      I am a complete newbie with Flash MX, ActionScript, and everything in between. So here's my situation.

      I want to make it so the user has to type in a password to move forward with the Flash presentation. When he presses OK, it takes him to further into the presentation (i.e. Frame 20).

      On my login screen, I have a couple of layers that are animated. Thus, I need these animations to keep looping. So what did I do? At the end of the animation, I put in code to GotoAndPlay(1).

      Now here's the problem... When someone's trying to type in the password, when it loops (Gotoandplay), the input box loses focus. To remedy this situation, for frame 1, I put in the code: Selection.setFocus("txtPassword").

      What happens? Everytime it sets focus, everything gets highlighted in the input text field.

      As you can imagine, it is a headache for anyone who is trying to type in the password because every few seconds, the whole thing gets highlighted and he accidently types over it.

      Any suggestions?
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          1. copy the frames of your looping animation.
          2. create a new movieclip and paste those copied frames onto this movieclip's timeline
          3. from your library drag a copy of the above movieclip to frame 1 of your main timeline and attach a stop() to that frame.
          4. place your login textfield and ok button on frame 1 of your main timeline.
          5. when ok is pressed (and login) passes some condition direct your main timeline to frame 20.