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    Geforce TITAN X

    abbas yousefshahi


      My OS is widows 8.1 64bit

      Mb: Evga X99

      Ram: 32G with 3000 htz.

      Cpu: i7 5960

      Vga: Gigabyte Geforce TITAN X 12g

      the After Effects version is CC 2015 13.5.1

      my project is very big ( with 100 layers) in 1920*1080 pixel. and noting effects , only motion camera and 3d layers.

      my performance is very low.!

      piz help me.

      this system is the highest configuration is my town, but it can't handle my project.....!?

      tnx for every things...


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is your composition set to use the standard renderer or the ray-traced renderer? If it's on ray-traced, switch to the standard renderer.

          Are your 100 layers mostly HD footage items? If so, it might be your hard drive is struggling to serve up that much footage all at once.
          Do you have depth of field turned on for your camera? Consider turning it off at least, turn it off while you're working. If you need it for your look, you can turn it back on at render time. Speaking of which, you can also turn on Draft 3d while you're working and turn it back on for render time.


          If none of that helps, consider working in CC 2014 instead of CC 2015. See if it is any better. How to Find and Install Previous Version of Adobe Apps in CC 2015

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            abbas yousefshahi Level 1

            tnx Szalam

            I did all of working that you tell. And work it slowely.

            My question is ; how much increase speed with ray traced 3d mode and work with the compatible vga card??

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Well, from your screenshot, it will do nothing but slow you down. The ray-traced renderer is an obsolete way to create 3d geometry and is no longer being developed.