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    For anyone using Adobe Ideas who upgraded to iOS 9

    Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

      After hearing reports from Adobe Ideas (iPad) users that Adobe Ideas is crashing when they try to launch it and that they can no longer access their art, our engineering team came up with a way for people to get the .idea files off their devices and into Adobe Draw or a reinstalled copy of Adobe Ideas.


      The steps they came up with are the following:

      01 Back up your iPad to your desktop machine using iTunes.


      02 Browse to https://www.macroplant.com/iexplorer/tutorials/how-to-browse-backups-on-iphone on your desktop, and follow the directions there to get access to the backed up files. (Downloading and installing the iExplorer app on your desktop is one of the steps.)


      03 Export the folder associated with the Ideas app (which should show up as "App - com.adobe.ideas.ipad" in the iExplorer window), so you can access the files through your desktop file browser.


      04 In your desktop file browser, navigate to "App - com.adobe.ideas.ipad/Library/Private Documents/documents/sync/files."


      05 Take any of the .idea files in that directory that you want to retrieve and upload them to your Creative Cloud account, either through a web browser or through the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app.


      To import the .idea files back into Draw:

      01 Launch Draw. Open the settings panel and tap on "Import Ideas Files". Then, tap on the import option desired. You can either import all the .idea files or pick and choose which files to import.


      To import the .idea files back into Ideas:

      01 Uninstall and reinstall Ideas. Launch Ideas.

      02 For each file you want to import, tap the "New From:" button at the bottom and choose "Creative Cloud." Then, choose the file you want to import.


      We know how much people love Adobe Ideas but please remember...  work will not be saved anywhere other than on your device and our engineering team is no longer working on it.  Switch over to Adobe Draw: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/adobe-illustrator-draw-scalable/id911156590?mt=8

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          Phillip@K2 Level 1

          very cool now my question is when is Illustrator Draw app going to let people send PDF or SVG or Vector file via e-mail,

          I have 2 adobe CC accounts one for work and one for home. I try to keep my home account sep from work, due to work rules of logging on to another account at work, i know i can send my drawing to my illustrator account but i would be at home so that would do me know good how come i can't send my illustrator draw file to another account  so it would be a vector not a flat jpg or png.