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    Error Check Activation ++ E_ADEPT_INTERNAL ++ Cannot de-authorise account. Try again later

      • When downloading a book from my favorite store and trying to open it with ADE, it says "ERROR! Check activation".
      • When double-clicking a book in my ADE-library, the error code "E_ADEPT_INTERNAL" shows up.
      • When trying to de-activate my account "De-Authorise Computer" it says "Authorisation can not be deleted. Try again later".


      My Adobe-ID and Password are correct; I'm able to log-in to my Adobe account.


      Maybe this occurs since I changed my Computer-Log-on. It was a Microsoft-online-Account when installing WIN 10, then I changed to a local user account with no online-connection to my Microsoft account. Not sure if this might be a reason. I'm stuck now and don't know anything to do about it. Tried to changed my user account back to the microsoft log-on, but that did not make a change to ADE.


      Thanks for your help!