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    preview and save issues

    nuttersanonymous! Level 1

      Hi all - I'm new to AE, just trying out CC 2015 on windows 7, and I've come across a couple of really annoying issues.


      when I press the space bar (or the play button) to load up a preview, it's randomly unresponsive - sometimes I'll press it and have to wait a good few seconds for it to start doing anything (which mucks up the preview if I hit the space bar again, trying to get it going). And then, when I hit the space bar again (to stop it loading the frames so it will just loop the section I've stopped it at) it will keep on loading frames for another 10 seconds. But when I try and compensate for this by hitting the space bar early, it will act like it should and start looping the footage (but of course that was too early).


      It's really slowing up my workflow and I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do to make it more responsive?


      I only have an i5 processor and have allocated 8gig of RAM for AE to use so I don't expect it to be processing very quickly but I just need it to start and stop when I hit the button.


      The other issue is that sometimes, when I've done some work on a project and hit save, it comes up with the "save as" window so I'm forced to save it again under a new name. Not such a bit issue but slows things up. Any idea why it should do this?


      Thanks for any suggestions.