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    How do I map existing RoboHelp topics to 3rd party URL call?


      Hey All.


      We have recently signed a contract with a third party software provider to use their product within our application. Their product has a Help button on each page calling their online help. However, they offer the ability, in the config file, to specify a different Online Help URL. I have set this to point to our main product's Online Help server. I have also copied their help files (with their permission) into our main product's Online Help project. I need to figure out how to map it so that their help button finds the topic in our main product's Online Help.


      Basically, when the user clicks the help button in the third party product, it sends out the following call to the help server: http://www.customhelp.com/Product?helpkey=welcometopic&language=en-us (where www.customhelp.com/Product is the path to our main product's Online WebHelp server and welcometopic is the context parameter.


      I have tried using the context parameter as the Map ID, but am still not able to access the topic within our main product's WebHelp.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need any more information, let me know.