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    I have £1,700 for a laptop for Premiere & Sony A7Sii footage. Please advise!

    Luke Flegg Level 1

      Thank you for your help.


      I'm a bit scared! I've always edited on desktops (I've built 3)

      and I'm thinking the power difference between desktop & laptop is narrower today than it's ever been?


      Or at least that I'll be able to comfortably chomp through my new Sony A7Sii's 4K footage on it in real time..?

      Am I being naive?


      I guess most important things to me are

      • High res monitor (Is beyond 1080p stupid? Does it do weird stuff with website formatting/fonts?)
      • At least 2 hard drives (is 3 excessive? I'm used to the 4 in my desktop... great for spreading the load on multi-camera edits)
      • Big screen I like.
      • I also like number pads. (If customisable hotkeys tend to be available on laptop keyboards[?] that could be fun too? though I can always plug in a hotkey packed mouse & keyboard + monitor when I want to properly knuckle down on an edit)

      I might by a £1,700 ish laptop 2nd hand for about £1,400 ish...


      Really any advice is great. Thank you!